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Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

There is the user agreement between member and Komorebi company LCC. Please read Terms of Service carefully before registration and ordering process.
Definitions "Buyinjapan", "We", "us", "Komorebi" mean Komorebi service LCC, "Member”, "you", "customer" or "user" mean an individual or legal entity who registered on our website (Komorebi website).

Description of the service
Buyinjapan provides proxy-shopping service for the customer in agreement with following Terms of Service. Buyinjapan shall change Terms of Service without any notification. The customer is responsible for following the newest version of Terms of Service.

Basic Rules
It is not permitted to transfer or use registered membership by other person but for the user. Terms of Service are according to Japanese law. We have the right to investigate and prosecute violations of any of the above to the fullest extent of the law. We may involve and cooperate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting users who violate terms of this agreement.

Registration and membership
Before registration as a new member, you have to read carefully and agree to Terms Of Service. We have right to reject any registration application. You agree to maintain and update the Registration Information to keep it correct, accurate, current and complete. If you provide any information that is incorrect, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or if Buyinjapan has reasonable grounds to suspect that information you have provided is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Buyinjapan has the right to suspend or terminate your access and refuse you any and all use of the Site and the Services. Proxy registrations are not allowed. Any member may wish to terminate membership only by himself/herself under procedures on Website.
Order cancellation
There is not possible cancellation if an item is already purchased. There is not possible to return purchased an item to the Buyinjapan.

There is not possible to make any refunds for already purchased items. If we are unable to order item after receiving payment from the customer, the customer will be able to receive the full refund. For money deposited in our account, please contact us and write how much and reason for refund. We are not able to send you the full refund because of bank transfer fee or Paypal fee. 

The system of fees is modified and amended by Buyinjapan, and it can be changed any time without notice a member. User shall pay all relevant fees and price of merchandise in advance of purchasing process by Buyinjapan. List of the fee is on the buyinjapan website.

The storage of items is primarily earmarked for consolidation process. "Consolidation" refers to the multiple shipments of items, which are combined into a consolidated shipment, and accordingly, payment of one base charge for the consolidated shipment. Due to a limited capacity of our warehouse, it is possible to store your items free for 60 calendar days. After 60 days you will have to pay storage fee (100 yen per day). If storage period exceeds 90 days, Buyinjapan will dispose of an item without any refund.
Buyinjapan does not accept any returns or does not make any refund of purchased or delivered items. Buyinjapan will cancel any order, which is against the law. Items will be packed and handled according to Buyinjapan regulations. To purchase your Item correctly, it is highly recommended to member give us as much as possible details about goods. Item name, amount of items, URL address and a picture of the item is necessary to order right item. If a member did not give us this information, we would not be responsible for purchasing an incorrect item. In such of a case, we will not provide any refund. Please check the list of items on our list referred as "Prohibited Goods" before your order.

Buyinjapan ships package only by the shipping method offered on our website (Japan Post – EMS, AIRMAIL, SAL, Surface Mail). We are not responsible for the actual shipping service that is chosen by you. Terms and conditions of the selected service (Japan post) apply to you. The user is responsible for size, volume and not restricted to its contents. The payment for delivery will be calculated according to the delivery method, delivery address of customer, size and weight of package which will be based on measurements taken by the Buyinjapan.
We have the authority to open packages if there is any suspicion about a content of the package (illegal goods) or any practical reason.
The package sent by EMS method is automatically insured with tracking features. If there is any problem with the received package, a user must report Buyinjapan within ten days of delivery.

You are responsible for confirming that package that arrived in our warehouse is the same one that you order. We provide photos of the incoming package so you can double check that correct package is received based on your order.

Customs declarations
The customer is responsible for determining and following the regulations for their shipments, including all customs requirements of the destination country. Buyinjapan does not guarantee delivery of packages that do not comply with Japan export regulations or the import regulations of the country to which they are sent. You are responsible for the accuracy of all customs declarations and documentation and all customs duties in the destination country. Any such duties or charges are in addition to the fees earned by buyinjapan, for its package/mail forwarding service.

No copies
You may not (and shall not allow any third party to) copy, modify, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer, reverse assemble or otherwise attempt to discover any source code, sell, assign, sublicense, grant a security interest in or otherwise transfer any right in the Services or the Site, or remove or obscure the copyright notice or other notices displayed on the Site. Except as provided above, you may not reproduce, print, cache, store or distribute content retrieved from the Site in any way, for any commercial use without the prior written permission of Buyinjapan or the copyright holder identified in the relevant copyright notice.

All content available on, including site design, text, graphics, interfaces and the selection of arrangements thereof is copyrighted by Komorebi company LCC, with all rights reserved, or is the property of Komorebi Company LCC or third parties protected by intellectual property rights.

Governing law
You agree not take any legal action against us that relates to or arises out of any of our websites without first (a) sending us, via registered mail or national overnight courier service, a detailed written description of the facts and law out of which your claim arises; and (b) negotiating with us, in good faith, for not less 30 days, toward resolution of the dispute. All correspondence concerning such dispute must be sent to dispute at, or such other designee as Buyinjapan may identify from time to time. This Agreement is governed by Japan law as such laws apply to Agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Japan between Japan residents and without regard to conflict of laws.
Update - 19th March 2018

Prohibited Goods:
There is the list of goods which is not possible to send you as it is prohibited by Japanese Customs Law or there are the restrictions from Japan Post.
Adult goods and obscene articles
Child Pornography
Diamonds (including rough and fabricated diamonds)
Counterfeit, altered or fake currency
Postage stamps and fiscal stamp
Official letters
Private letters
National Treasures
Important Cultural Properties
Important Works of Art, etc.
Pirated CDs/DVDs/Software
Products with an undeterminable origin
Lottery tickets
Money (Coins, paper money)
High-pressure gas
Gas (Gas bombs, cartridges)
Gas lighters
Portable Oxygen
Fire Extinguishers
Natural Gas
Helium Gas
Nitrogen / Liquid Nitrogen
Small personal oxygen concentrators
Aerosol Spray Cans (Hairspray, fragrance spray, lacquer spray, Air Salonpas, etc.)
Enriched Oxygen
Gas Products for Camping (Portable gas stoves, etc.)
Combustible liquids and materials
Table tennis balls
Fuel (Gasoline, Oil)
Oil Lighters
Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover
Flammable Items, Items containing a flammable warning (sunscreen, shampoo, adhesives).
Adhesives (Glues or other adhesives included with figures, toys, eyelash sets, etc. will incur a disposal fee)
Paint thinner
Lighter Fluid
Cooking Oil
Organisms (live animals, insects, plants and vegetation)
Items with soil
Plants, Bonsai, Decorative Plants etc.
Livestock Feed
By CITES fauna and flora regulations: elephant trunks, tortoise shells, animal furs, alligator skin, snakeskin, lizard skin, etc.
Plant seeds
Insect Specimen Samples
Taxidermies Animals
Air Gun
Fake Sword
Battery chargers
Lead-acid/Lead Storage Batteries
Nickel hydride (NiMH) Batteries
Lithium-metal batteries (Limited to certain countries)
Lithium-ion batteries (Limited to certain countries)
Products with aforementioned built-in batteries (Limited to certain countries)
Electric generators/Engines
Gunpowder/Pyrotechnic (fireworks, crackers, ammunition, etc)
Suspension/Shock absorber
Items that have fuel or oil inside or that might be able to contain it (including both used and new items).
Containers, cans, gasoline tanks, carburettors for containing oil or fuel (including both new and used products)
Airbags (for vehicles)
Steering wheels containing airbags
Air Conditioners
Seatbelt Pretensioner
Harmful drugs
Drug Paraphernalia
Anaesthesia and related drugs
Poison, toxic and/or hazardous substances
Insect repellent
Agricultural Chemicals
Organic Solvents
Corrosive substances
Peroxides, Oxidizing agents
Dry ice
Nuclear waste
Radioactive substances and elements (Uranium, Plutonium, Thorium, Cesium, Radium, etc.)
Sodium hydroxide
Barium carbonate
Formalin / Formaldehyde
Printer Toner Cartridges
Ink, Ink Cartridges (In the case documentation is required, we may not be able to provide certain documents to ship ink abroad)
Other banned items (before ordering, please check regarding these)