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A figure revolution? Bandai’s brand new line: Figure-rise Labo
12 Jul 2018
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Follow the new line of figures from Bandai! You’ll want to order them because they are highly innovative! In March, Bandai announced the introduction of a new line of figures called Figure-rise Labo. In June, Fumina Hoshino from the Gundam series was the first figure of the line to be released. This figure may be a definite sign of a revolution in the figure industry as it represents the creation of a new method for the visualisation of anime characters. It is a little difficult to say whether this product is figure or not because you have to assemble it yourself! It is more similar to a plastic model.


What’s so revolutionary about this line? The answer is the use of a layered injection technology that expresses the textures of skin or clothing only though the use of the moulding colour. This layered injection technology has created a new way of thinking about 3D animated characters. The Figure-rise Labo line is attempting to reach new levels with the use of injection moulding during the finishing process of anime figures, which is not only for 3D. Figure-rise Labo is Bandai`s project for the study of expressions that have never before been used on figures or plastic models. The first figure of the line, Fumina Hoshino, uses beautiful gradations of redness, transparency and shadow on the skin made by overlapping them onto a translucent coloured mould. It is created through a multilayer structure. There has been a significant effort made to attempt the physical reproduction of skin roughness through gradation, which is being done for the first time using this coating method. There are no sharp uses of paint or stickers on the figure! Even the eyes are made using moulded colours.

The first model is of Fumina Hoshino and is 9.8 in./25 cm tall and made from PVC. If you would like to have one of these Fumina Hoshino figures, please order on our website, here. You can also order or pre-order other figures from the Figure-rise Labo series.

All Images: Bandai
Sources: Bandai


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