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Pepsi J-Cola – Spring Special Edition
05 Apr 2018
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Pepsi is a popular brand in Japan. Their products are available anywhere in stores or vending machines. The Japanese company Suntory has a license to sell and distribute Pepsi products through the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that they occasionally prepare a special edition designed only for the Japanese market. Last year, you could enjoy a special edition of Pepsi Strong Shot (very gassy cola) and Pepsi Halloween Cola, which had a deep fruity flavour.

 From April 17, it will be possible to buy three new types of Pepsi soft drinks with different ingredients, which will be sold under the general designation of Pepsi J-Cola. The name of the new type of cola was inspired by the famous ukiyo-e print "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa."
Pepsi J-Cola’s taste is a unique balance of citrus and special Japanese spice. According to the Pepsi website,
after a tasting, you will feel refreshed with outstanding exhilaration. The right taste was developed in consultation with around 100 of Japan's most loyal Pepsi customers, so the result is like Japanese "Joy taste Cola".

A Pepsi J-Cola Zero version has no calories. Black currant-flavoured Pepsi J-Cola Midnight version (only 490 ml bottle) will be designed to drink after work or taking a bath. You can order your J-Cola here: Yahoo Shopping or Rakuten.

 Did you know that Japan has a Pepsi mascot? His name is Pepsi-Man (ペプシマン). He appeared in the PlayStation game Pepsiman (1999). You can purchase the Pepsi-Man character from Yahoo Auction, Yahoo Shopping or Rakuten.


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