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Electronic devices

Small Japanese electronic devices are fun and helpful. There are many electronic products, which can make your life more comfortable. If you were in Japan, you probably fall in love with the multi-function Japanese toilets.
The output of Japanese electrical outlets is 100 V, which is lower than a fair amount of other countries. Even if you have the right plug, you might still need a voltage converter. Many of products like cameras, computers or smartphones are built to overseas standards and automatically adjust to the different voltage.

  1. Electronic dictionaries
  2. Beauty and Health
  3. Kitchen Appliances
  4. Home Appliances


Electronic dictionaries

If you are learning Japanese, the electronic dictionary is the perfect tool to improve your Japanese skills. They are primarily made it for Japanese, who are studying foreigner language, but many of them can be used, also opposite way.

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Beauty and Health

It can be an inspiration for a great gift. You can find a large number of products for your health and body care.  Many of them you could see in your country, but there are also quite specific products which are mostly available only in Japan. 

Massage equipment, Therapy devices, Body & Face Care, Oral Care or Hair Care and other specialised tools can be find here: Yahoo Auctions, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten, Amazon.

Kitchen Appliances

If you like Japanese cuisine, you must have a rice cooker at home. It is the primary kitchen equipment in the Japanese house. If you prepare any food, you can find many kitchen appliances, which you save your time and make cooking more comfortable.

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Home Appliances

Do you want shoe dryer, vacuum steam cleaner, foot bath device or electric blanket? Many options are waiting for you. Just choose one.

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